Lorca is a jewelry company based in Copenhagen, Denmark, founded by Barbara and Anja. All jewelry is made of both new and vintage glass and acrylic pearls and beads sourced from all over the world.

All jewelry is packed in small pouches made of recycled vintage fabrics produced by Huset Venture, a socio-economic business employing excellent seamstresses who also happen to be women from ethnic minorities in Denmark. 

We are not yet a perfectly sustainable and circular fashion jewelry brand, but we are constantly trying to improve and inserting these traits into our business. And we want to provide full transparency into this journey. 

Lorca has a variety of jewelry all handmade in Copenhagen. We both produce limited and unique designs as well as core collections. And everything is designed by the founders of Lorca. 



Handmade in Copenhagen, Denmark



Lorca believes in responsible production and we are working towards launching a possibility for circular fashion jewelry. We are not driven by delivering seasonal collections and aim for zero over production.



Karima is 52 years old and 30 years ago she was a refugee from Iraq. Karima works as a seamstress at Huset Venture and is the producer of the beautiful Lorca pouches designed to store your Lorca jewelry.